The 10 Minute Abs
Workout Program

How2MuscleGuide 10 minute abs workout program!

Imagine working out only 10 minutes a day and building a nice set of abs... Well now you can!

How does this program help your abs?
The 10 minute a day abs program will stimulate more fat burning to help you lose belly fat.. The more fat you lose, the more your stomach will shrink. This 10 minute workout strategy will prevent boredom, increase metabolism, burn fat, increase strength, mobility, agility, stamina, and add good tone to your physique... People will never believe you if you told them you only worked out 10 minutes a day! Follow this and watch the results!

With this 10 minute abs program you will also get some meal tips for boosting your energy, and accelerating your fat burning during your 10 minute fat burning workout. With this plan you'll be burning fat while working out, and while resting.

Even though this is a 10 minute abs exercise program, the workout is not all about ab exercises. We will want to combine ab exercises 'with' exercises that keep our heart rate up to a fat burning range. And what this means, is that we will be doing exercises using bodyweight exercises with minimum rests to keep the heart rate up.

10 minute abs Day 1:

We include ab exercise instructions so don't miss those.

The trick to 10 minute abs is to go from one exercise to the next with as little rests as possible. It does get easier once your body gets used to the intensity. High intensity is required when working out for shorter lengths.

Jump squats 30 repetitions

Then immediately start in on...

Jump in place 100 repetitions

Then go to...

50 decline ab crunches

Then start back on Jump squats. Repeat this 3 times.

Go through each exercise one after another a total of 3 times without resting.

You may be asking yourself how jumping in place is going to help you get abs... Well... because it's going to help you burn a lot of fat. It's fat that's covering your abs. We combine ab exercises in along with fat burning exercises. You will strengthen your abs and burn fat at the same time.

10 minute abs Day 2:

Be sure to check out all of our ab exercise tips links all over this page

Today go outside, bring a stop watch or just a regular watch, and run as fast as you can... when you feel like you can't run anymore after a minute, start jogging as fast as you can, when you feel like you can't jog anymore, walk as fast as you can... You have 10 minutes, make it count! What ever you do, keep moving. It's only 10 minutes, but this WILL be very effective when you push yourself.

Phase 1 - Run as fast as you can - Approximately 30 - 60 seconds
Phase 2 - Begin slowing down into a moderately fast jog
Phase 3 - Slow down even further to a light pace jog
Phase 4 - Start walking as fast as you can - 30 seconds
Phase 5 - Cool down with a moderate pace walk - 30 seconds

Repeat phase 1 down to phase 5. Do this for 10 minutes. Don't worry about how long you spend on 1 phase, just keep the intensity as high as you can.

10 minute abs Day 3:

We built in many related ab exercise and fat loss pages to give you further details. Highly recommended reading!

Do your legs hurt? Okay, today you are not going to use your legs. It's all ab exercises back to back without rests. You didn't think you were just going to lay there for 10 minutes did you?

Bicycles - 25
Regular crunches - 25
Situps - 25
Rest 30 - 60 sec
Side bends - 25
(check abs page) Leg raises - 25

On day 1 and 2 you used a lot of your lower body with running, jogging, jump squats etc... and day 3 you used only your abs... time to switch it up again and let those exhausted areas recover. This is how to build abs effectively.

Day 4 Upper body supersets for toning - Burn fat maintain muscle:

Again, this is a 10 minute abs program, so with this day, you will focus again on burning fat, but this time we switch it up and put the intensity on the upper body muscles to burn fat and start sculpting.

Day 4 full body 10 minute workout:

Chest supersets:
Dumbbell or barbell bench press / Pushups

Back supersets:
Pullup/ barbell or dumbbell rows

Arms supersets:
Barbell curl for biceps/ Dips for triceps

Shoulders supersets:
Dumbbell or barbell shoulder press/ lateral flys

Did that take you 10 minutes? It should have. Move Move Move. Even if you have to use lighter weight.

Now repeat day 1. Don't take a day off until day 9.

Your schedule will look like this:

10 minute abs Day 1:
Jump squats 30 reps x3
Jump in place 100 reps x3
Abs 50 reps x3

Day 2:
Run, jog, walk - Cycle the three

Day 3:
All abs

Day 4:
Upper body supersets

Day 5:
Jump squats 30 reps x3
Jump in place 100 reps x3
Abs 50 reps x3

Day 6:
Run, jog, walk

Day 7:
All abs

Day 8:
Upper body supersets

Now you can rest.

Meal tips with the 10 minute

abs exercise program!

8 Fat Burning Tips For The Kitchen + A Special Bonus!

You will not have to count calories with this 10 minute abs program when you follow this instruction guide on how to create healthy meals.

Fat burning tip 1: You will eat fruits or vegetables with every meal.

Fat burning tip 2: You must increase your protein to at least 1 gram for every 2 pounds of body weight... at least!

Fat burning tip 3: You will eat every 2 to 3 hours. That will add up to about 5 or 6 meals. This is required to give you metabolism a boost!

Fat burning tip 4: You must eliminate all soda drinks.

Fat burning tip 5: You must stay away from all fast food restaurants during this program.

Fat burning tip 6: Lower your salt intake. How much? Keep your salt shakers in the cupboard.

Fat burning tip 7: If it's white, stay away; White bread, white rice, white flour. Replace with whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole grain pasta.

- This will be easy to remember. If it's white, it's higher on the glycemic index, and will raise your blood sugar making it easier to gain more fat, and will make it difficult to get the vital nutrition your body needs, and of course, white foods don't fill you up because of the nutrition depletion. Stay away from this stuff like the plague.

Fat burning tip 8: Stock up on Coconut oil, it has a long list of health benefits, and is believed to help with fat loss.

You now know what to eat, and what workouts to do to burn more fat, strengthen your body, lose belly fat, and see those abs! We made this easy to follow, and the workouts are only 10 minutes a day, making it easy for anyone to do. Every person on this planet can spare 10 minutes a day.

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