10 Minute Workout Done At Home

10 minute workout. Fat burning workouts and home cardio workouts that do not require any workout equipment at all!

Fat burning workout without equipment.

When you do this routine, push yourself and don't take any rests unless you're needing water. After completing one movement, immediately move to the next one.

This short workout will get your heart rate up enough to help ASSIST you in burning fat and losing weight.


jumping jacks 100 repetitions

jump in place 100 repetitions.
Similar to jumping rope, but without the rope.

sit-ups - 100 reps. 4 sets of 25.

Throw continuous punches 100 on each arm.
Stand firmly and throw punches as fast and as hard as you can.
100 punches on each arm.

This should not take you longer than 10 minutes. If it does, your goal will be to keep doing this routine until you can do it 10 minutes or under.

Now when you get to a point where you can do this short workout in much less than 10 minutes, then add 1 more exercise.

Add - Squat in place - 60 reps/ 4 sets of 15.

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