10 Mistakes Guys Make In The Gym

Top 10 common mistakes that people make in the gym, when trying to build muscle.

1. They lift too heavy and sacrifice good form. You will build muscle a lot better, and prevent injury, if you use moderate weight with controlled form.

2. They exhaust themselves on the treadmill before they do their weight lifting. By the time they lift weights, they're exhausted and only get half the results. There's nothing wrong with doing a warm up, but don't over do it. Do cardio after weight training, or on non-weight training days. You exert a lot of energy doing cardio, and you need that energy and focus when you're lifting weights.

3. Some spend way too much time talking. Don't let your muscles rest longer than 2 minutes between sets. Socialize after your workout is complete for best results.

4. They use mostly cables and or machine exercises. You will get better muscle building results from free-weights. Use free weights for the majority of your exercises. Cable and machine exercises can be used sparingly, but should not be the main focus.

5. They don't bring any recovery with them. You should have protein or something packed for post workout recovery. Bring a shaker cup, some whey, and maybe something with a little carbohydrates to get something back in your body.

6. They spend way more time in the gym than needed. Did you know that if you keep the workout short and intense, you'll build muscle a lot faster? 45 minute workouts are perfect. Move from one exercise to the next, take short rests... You don't have to do everything in one day.

7. Some don't wear workout gloves. If your hands get sweaty, you don't grip the bar as well. Use wrist straps, and workout gloves.

8. They spend too much time on 1 body part, exercise after exercise, instead of alternating a few body parts.
Work 2 or 3 muscle groups, and alternate those muscles throughout the workout. This helps clear lactic acid from those muscles and keeps your body as strong as possible through the entire workout.

Basically, if you alternated bicep and triceps exercises, you would do better than doing nothing but straight bicep exercises back to back. While one body part is resting you can then focus on another one.

9. They workout on an empty stomach. Eat a small meal, preferably high in protein, 1 hour before your workout for sustainable energy.

10. They do the exercise all wrong, and the intended muscle group only gets half the workout. To avoid this, use lighter weight, and focus on the area you are wanting to build. If you are not feeling it in that muscle, then there's a good possibility THAT muscle is not being isolated.

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