15 Fat Burning Foods

We've created a list of 15 fat burning foods, herbs, oils, tea... things you can easily find at your health food stores!

Who is this useful for?

These 15 fat burning foods can help people who want to lose weight.


For people who are interested in building muscle, but want to lose body fat at the same time, without losing their hard earned muscle.

Include these fat burner foods in your diet, and you will be on your way to losing body fat for that flat stomach, or lose body fat to show off those lean muscles you've worked for!

--- 15 Fat Burning Foods ---

Cardamom - Helps aid digestion, and is a thermogenic herb which increases the body's metabolism by raising the core temperature. Cardamom is commonly used as a tea.

Green Tea - Green Tea is also another known thermogenic and can also inhibit the absorption of fat.

Cayenne - Inhibits the formation of fatty tissue, acts as an appetite suppressant, increases thermogenics (fat burning). You can use cayenne as a spice in your food.

Grapefruit - The extract found in grapefruit can help break down stored fat. Include Grapefruit in your diet!

Oatmeal - High fibrous foods such as oatmeal helps with weight loss. Oatmeal makes for the perfect breakfast.

Blueberries - Blueberries have high levels of phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are antioxidants that can help reduce belly fat.

Apples - Apples can regulate the body's use of sugar. When your blood sugar fluctuates, it increases insulin, and higher insulin levels in turn increases body fat.

Beets - Beets contain betaine, which helps the metabolism of fat cells.

Artichokes - Artichokes are high in fiber. Foods high in dietary fiber can assist in weight loss. Artichokes also strengthens the liver, and the gallbladder.

Broccoli - Foods high in fiber and nutrition in general, like broccoli, should be consumed regularly.

Honey - Honey is a good substitute for sugar. Regular refined sugars draws upon the body's nutrients to be metabolized, leaving the body depleted of nutrients. Honey has a lower GI.

Ginger - Ginger increases the metabolism. The better your metabolism is, the more calories you'll burn.

Garlic - Garlic can be used as an appetite suppressant. Garlic also helps to stimulate the metabolism to help burn more calories and that can lead to fat loss.

Coconut oil - Coconut oil contains MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) and can be used for fat loss.

Cabbage - High in fiber, and contains less calories than the calories required to digest it... leading to more calories burned, than calories consumed, during the consumption of this food. Other foods have this similar effect, and those include most green leafy vegetable such as Kale.

The fat burning process DOES require a lifestyle change, full of nutritious food, and daily activity. Including these 15 fat burning foods, will most certainly help!

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