3 Day Workout Routine
Why This Routine?

The idea behind the new 3 day workout routine, was to include big mass building movements on each workout day; the clean and press; the squat; and the dead lift.

Not to mention all of the other mass building movements in the 3day workout routine. This routine does not include many exercises that focus on smaller muscle groups. The main exercises are compound movements, perfect for building mass.

This workout routine should be plenty for helping you gain weight, as long as you are feeding the body properly.

Once you've completed the routine, you could do it all over again if you chose to. But eventually you are going to want to reintroduce ab workouts, biceps workouts, and tricep workouts to make sure everything stays worked out for that symmetrical look and to stay well proportioned.

The main thing with this routine is to just do something different. Sometimes we have to introduce ourselves to workout routines that don't fit the basic guide that so many have showed us.

Some of you will love this routine, others just won't understand it. Either way... have fun, and thanks for using this site! View this routine here

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