30 Minute Dumbbell Workout For Advanced Bodybuilders

The 30 minute dumbbell workout routine helps you challenge your body! Workout for 30 minutes, but the trick is, you cannot let go of the dumbbell no matter what!

The workout strategy you've never heard of, and I bet you've never tried before!

Advanced 30 Minute Dumbbell Challenge!

The concept is simple, but can you do it?

The dumbbell challenge consists of constant movement, no rests, and involves the entire body for 30 minutes...

1 important rule: You CANNOT let go of the dumbbells for 30 min.

More rules to follow are...

This has to be a full body workout.

You choose the exercises.

You go from one exercise to the next.

You do not count reps.

You do not count sets.

Set an alarm, and start moving.

If you have no idea what exercises to perform with dumbbells, this workout is not for you.

This is a workout for the advance bodybuilder who is seeking a little extra variety and to throw their body off with a new intensity never experienced.

If you are a beginner, have no idea what you are doing, don't do this workout routine. Because there's a high likelihood that you'll have to stop several times and think about what to do next... You don't want that.

So let's start your 30 minute dumbbell workout...

You want to grab a set of LIGHT weight dumbbells. Something that seems very easy to lift. So let's say anywhere between 10 and 50 pound dumbbells.

The amount has to be light weight! These light weight dumbbells will begin to feel very heavy after a few minutes of constant motion, so go for light weight!

So let's think about a few exercises you could perform...

Examples only:

You could start out with flys... Move till you can't perform anymore.

Then jump into Arnold presses...

Then start on bicep curls... so on, and so on... You get the idea..

Your hands must be gripped onto those dumbbells for 30 minutes. That's the main focus, that's the rule, you cannot let go, not even to itch your nose.

Obviously this isn't something you want to do too often, but every bodybuilder knows how boring the typical workout routine can be. And let's face it, to stick with working out for a long period of time, you occasionally have to introduce new challenges to the muscles. This workout is an example of the things you can try to keep yourself engaged.

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