5 Ways To Know If You Are Over Training

by Chad O.

5 ways to know if you are over training

1. If you workout and your muscles are still hurting from the last workout, give yourself an extra day off, otherwise you'll be over training.

2. During your workouts, you don't experience a "Pump." If your muscles are not feeling gigantic when you are pumping iron, or at least more full than normal, then there's a good possibility that your muscles are being exposed to too much training, or possibly not being properly fed. You require an extra day off.

3. On your off days, your muscles appear and feel flat. They lack that fullness you typically experience. In this sort of a situation, you should eat more carbohydrates, and take an extra day off!

4. Constantly tired. Your body feels over worked and you have no energy for anything. Take days off and try to get a lot of sleep in before you attempt to train again.

5. Last but not least, a way to tell if you are over training... Cramps, aches, and spasms... You should never be experiencing these things.

Stay healthy!

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Dec 12, 2009
Great tips
by: Bill

Great article on signs of overtraining. There is one more sign - itchy inner ears. I know it sounds crazy, but itchy ears (not the outside, but inside the ear canal) are one of the most reliable signs of overtraining.

Most people in bodybuilding train too much, not too little. Overtraining is very nefarious, because you think that if you're not making gains, you're not trying hard enough, which usually cannot be farther from the truth!

Great tips!

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