5-Hour Energy

by Jonathan
(Costa Rica)

5 Hour Energy Supplement Review

5 Hour Energy Supplement Review

Question: Okay, I would love a review on 5 hour energy. What does 5 hour energy do exactly? What's in the 5-hour energy drink that supposedly makes it work?

With energy and fat burning supplements, the effects of the supplement seems to be so temporary, as the body becomes familiar to it. Do you see 5 hour energy as being a supplement that can hold on to its supposed effects for long term usage?

Answer: Each bottle of 5-hour energy is approximately 2 ounces. It contains approximately as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and about as much vitamin B as a typical multi-vitamin...

They use mainly vitamin B12 and caffeine, nothing too spectacular here... Of course there are other ingredients, but the main ones are above.

You could easily drink a cup of coffee and take a vitamin B supplement and probably get the same effects for far cheaper.

Most people who take this mini sized energy drink probably have never experienced the energy rush from a vitamin B supplement before, the effects are about the same.

The good thing about 5 hour energy, is that it could be convenient for a quick "pick me up" when you're needing a little extra pep in your step, and you have some handy...

The long term effects of 5-hour energy is unknown, as it really depends on the individual taking it.

Bottom Line:
The effects of 5-hour energy does work. But so does espresso, coffee, and a vitamin B shot.
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