6% body fat and still can't see abs??


Everyone on my wrestling team had to step on a special scale to determine body fat percentage. They said mine was 6%, when the lowest healthy percentage is 7%. If my body fat is that low, how come I still cannot see my abs?

If your body fat is that low, and you still can't see your abs, that means your abs lack the mass to push out.

If the abs are not pushing out, then that suggests that the ab muscles are not big enough to push out and be visible.

You have to make the ab muscles bigger. The way to make ab muscles bigger, is to add intensity to your ab workouts.

Some people like to use a 25 pound plate, hold it behind their head, or across the chest when performing sit ups, or crunches, to add more intensity to the ab exercise.

When the abs are exposed to this kind of intensity, they begin to build like any other muscle on the body (bigger stronger muscle). When the abs get bigger and stronger, they begin to push out more.


Work your abs once or twice a week.

Perform reps the way you would with any other body part. Keep the reps lower for mass building.
Use enough weight so that you can't do anything more than 20 reps per set.

Most people who do ab exercises exhaust the abs, by doing endless repetitions. High repetitions do not add mass to the abdominal area.

It's the same way with your chest or biceps. If you did 100 repetitions, you wouldn't build thicker stronger muscles.

The way to build thicker stronger muscles, is to do lower reps, heavier weight.

Challenge the muscles.

Mentally focus on the area you want to build when performing the exercise.

Good Luck!

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