8 pack abs

by youssef


20 years old, working out from about a year.

skinny, muscular

i workout everyday, but every other day i perform light workouts like calves and abs.

i perform a mix of workouts with changing reps and sets and motion and even rest periods every while and i know i'am doing.

i wish i could have 8 pack abs.

3 meals varying between chicken and meat and others food and i drink healthy natural drinks like chocolate milk and green tea.

i need to get 8 pack abs and specifically i want to get those last 2 abs visible because i can feel and contract them but i can't see any lines.
also it is less bulky than the 2 packs just above them.

i just need to know exactly what exercise that target those last 2 abs only.

if we group the abs to 4 couples (a,b,c,d) i had "b" and "c" since i was young ,then i got "a" by targetting upper abs, but i can't get "d" visible and lined at all.

it's unique because all links in the internet when speaking about lower abs talk about group "c" and "d" together by using legs rather the upper body.

the 8 packs are rarely discussed in enough details in any web site.

Answer: Do bicycle crunches and leg raises. Slow controlled form is what it will take to get the abs to pop out.

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