Insanity Workout Review

Insanity workout is great for fat loss, and muscle loss, but not for muscle gains...

Here's why...

Here's my review of the insanity program:

If you want to build more muscle each month, this program has serious limitations.

If you want to lose weight only, stop reading, this article is not for you.

The aerobic style training, is great for cardiovascular conditioning, and fat loss, but that's it. The muscle building effects are on such a small scale...

People who shed enough body fat, will naturally start looking like they have more muscle definition.

You can achieve the same effect from running.

Here's another problem...

After you've lost a few pounds, and tighten up a little in the mid section, how are you supposed to maintain it?

That's right... You would continue doing the insanity workout until you went insane.

You'd get sick of it. You don't have to dance around and go crazy to see results, trust me.

If you are trying to build quality muscle mass, Insanity is not designed for it.

You see, these programs have been incredibly popular lately, ever since the P90X trend started...

Aerobic like training, such as these programs, don't help with muscle growth...

Weight loss is a very big industry... But I'm not in that industry.

A lot of people want big muscles, and are fooled into weight loss programs such as this one... They make it seem as though it's for both types of goals.

There's a big difference in the styles of training:

For weight loss, aerobic activity is essential.

For muscle growth, you need the opposite style of training.

You're not going to find a lot of people who will give you this kind of honest review...

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