Mistakes Men Make In The Gym

Let's look at common mistakes men make in the gym, and outside the gym when trying to put on muscle...

Building muscle looks easy right? Just go in the gym, and start playing around with the equipment... and hope to stumble across something of benefit to your goal.

Ever notice how over 90% of the guys in your gym do not have the muscle that you aim for? Why then would you follow their lead? Also known as the blind leading the blind.

Just like how 90% of the guys do not have your ideal body, 90% of the equipment will not deliver.

Some Of The Biggest Mistakes Men Make In The Gym:

1. Simply over doing it. Just because there are 50 different exercises for biceps, doesn't mean you have to do all 50 to achieve the best results. Gym's offer variety, but you do not need over half of the exercises.

2. The same guy's have been going to the gym for months/years, and they hardly ever see noticeable results. Solve that problem with our muscle building course. Come on, 7 days of free info sent to you! Get it!

3. I've seen some people achieve better muscle building results at a park (using their own body weight) than they did at a popular gym facility. The secret to this madness? The importance of stimulating each muscle fiber with a good range of motion, and steady control over every rep.

4. Working out like a heavy weight, when indeed you are not. Some workouts make you lose weight, and guess what, if you want muscle gains, this is not at all good.

Choose the right workouts according to your goal. I can show you how to do this here.

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