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Muscle Building Tips E-Zine, Issue #011 -- Updates
February 21, 2012

Muscle Building Tips E-Zine

The How2MuscleGuide.Com E-Zine keeps you up to date with the latest news on the How2MuscleGuide.Com website.

Stay tuned with our Muscle Building E-Zines, because when we put out the latest, greatest, that the industry has to offer, YOU find out about it first!

And as always, ask us for assistance, tips, pointers... completely free, at our Bodybuilding Help Section:

Effective Fitness Programs

Awesome programs that we guarantee will help you start seeing your abs, and have those muscles looking super defined.

Here's the deal. You're our audience, right?... What does that mean to us? It means that it's a privilege to keep you posted with the latest, greatest, that the bodybuilding and fitness community has to offer.

Whether that's our own free material, tips, workouts... Or whether that be the latest products, fitness/bodybuilding programs, and the best supplements that have the best user reviews. No need to look for it, we do it for you!

The 2 pages below, just so happens to include the best programs out there, that we've seen...

If you want to take a look at the best programs based on our positive experience, and of course the positive experience of thousands of other people, then check this out:

For Weight Loss Programs:

For Weight Lifting Programs:

So if you are interested in programs that can help you become successful in achieving fitness results faster, the two pages above will assist you in finding a program. We narrowed it down for you, to make your decision easier.

Supplement Reviews

If there is a supplement that really is good, guess what? You'll find out about it right here:

The best supplements will be added whenever we feel that it really is a good supplement that works, and does what it promises!

We save you a lot of time and money by presenting the best! So now you won't have to go out and buy ineffective supplements just to find out that most supplements are junk!

We provide you with the supplements that actually DO work! Save time and money, by stopping by and seeing which supplements have made it to the list!

Build A Home Gym

Ever think about building your own home gym?

What workout equipment would be ideal?

Where would you buy it from?

How would you know if it was the best deal?

Well, you won't have to ask yourself any of that, because we've made it that much easier for you to put together your own home gym. A convenient set up on How2MuscleGuide.Com, lets you find the workout equipment from the comfort of your home.

For building your own home gym, go here:

Best of all, this little convenient store will be updated frequently.

What does this mean for you?

When there is great fitness equipment, with great reviews, at the best deals... We'll have it on that page!

So any time you are looking for fitness equipment, stop by, and find out what works!

Bruce Lee Workout Routine

A while back ago, we created a Bruce Lee workout routine, that included a very in depth look on how Bruce Lee's training went, and the mind set behind his workouts...

Well, just recently we included a small store that allows you to find Bruce Lee's books, and movies, with ease.

If you are a Bruce Lee fan, you'll love this store found at the bottom of this page:

It has a collection of Bruce Lee's books! So if you want a lean body like Bruce had, read his training books!

Body Weight Exercises Anyone?

Maybe you don't have access to workout equipment?

Not a problem. We compare body weight exercises with weight lifting exercises. Which one is better for you and why?

Check this page out, where we compare weight lifting, and body weight exercises:

New 4 Day e-Course Teaches You How To Get A Flat Stomach!

We put together something very unique for all of you out there that want a lean trim stomach, or who want to learn how to get abs.

Our methods of obtaining a flat stomach are so much easier than the typical strategies out there! We have a unique blend of information that you'll love!

We want to help you not only get in shape, but also feel good about yourself, and begin to feel healthy!

This is why, we put together a FREE Flat Stomach 4 Day e-Course!

And for all you guys out there who are afraid of losing muscle... You don't have to worry about that!

We have it set up so that you can maintain muscle, and trim the stomach each week without losing any muscle whatsoever!

Sign up for our Flat Stomach 4 Day e-Course right here:


Well, that's the latest news everyone!

Thanks for reading the How2MuscleGuide.Com Muscle Building Tips E-Zine!

Remember, if there is a program, or a supplement that works, we'll tell you about it!

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