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Muscle Building Tips E-Zine, Issue #009 -- Updates
December 16, 2011

Hi everyone!

Today we thought of a great idea. We know everyone who comes here to How2MuscleGuide.Com is interested in getting into the best shape possible. So we thought, let's look at the way you are working out, and see if we can set up a better workout routine for you, or modify your current workout routine.

It's simple really. If you would like help with your workouts, or if you would like tips to improve your workouts, send in your workout routine, and add any extra information concerning your workout, and we'll see if we can add any suggestions to make your workout routine BETTER.

Go here to send in your workout routine, and add any questions that you may need help with:

Ask a question

Here's a question we received today:

Critique My Workout Routine

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