P90X Review - Does It Cause Muscle Loss?

 Is P90X for weight loss, or muscle gain... If you are trying to build muscle, and gain mass, read this before you buy P90X.

Come on, I know you've heard of this program... This will NOT be your typical review where I rave about it, and make it seem like the best thing ever.

P90X Review - This is my honest impression.

The program will work, there's no doubt about it... But what you really need to ask yourself is... "What is my goal?" Because P90X might not be for you.

People who buy P90X have the wrong impression of the program...

I guess maybe all the "before and after pictures" are somewhat enticing people into buying it...

If your goal is to only lose weight, the program is great for you.

If your goal is to get bigger and more muscular, P90X is HORRIBLE for you.

But will it cause you to lose muscle?

Actually, yes.

It's really that simple...

P90X uses fat burning techniques, and will help you tone up slightly...

But if you want BIGGER muscles, you cannot do their aerobic like training to see results...

Muscle building is too complex for that. You will more than likely lose more muscle than what you will build.

P90X can help you get stronger (stronger than what you are now if you've never worked out before), because the meals and training are not completely flawed...

It's just that if your goal is to have bigger arms, bigger chest, wide strong back, etc... P90X cannot help with this... It mainly works for lowering body fat levels, so that you can see more definition. But you end up losing muscle in the process.

Things it will do:
Lower body fat
Slightly increase strength

Things it will not do:
It will not increase muscle mass

Who is it for:
For people who need motivation to lose body fat

Who is it not for:
It is not for people who want noticeably bigger muscles

Listen, if you're okay with looking a little stronger, and looking a littler more defined, then go for it, use it....

But trust me when I say this...

It is not for you if you want to get BIGGER.

If you want your muscles to grow, and get super lean, your training has to be Waaaay different.

 P90X Review Continued

The first week or two, yes, your body will naturally respond to the training due to the physical demand.

For example if your body hasn't ever worked out in such a way, the body will naturally build up the muscle to handle the workout (temporarily). These programs are short term programs.

The muscle growth will stop at around the 3rd and 4th week, but the fat loss will continue.

Past the 1 month mark, muscle building will plateau, and turn catabolic...

Their solution for this is to intensify the workout... But actually, you'll burn even more muscle from the kind of intensity they suggest.

You will build a little muscle at first, but eventually the body would use it as fuel as you progress in their training.

It's a calorie burning system, not a muscle building system.

Bottom line is, these guys will only put on so much muscle, but their training doesn't allow for continuous growth. There's an early cut off point.

With this training, sure you'll look like the strongest guy in the yoga room, or the biggest dude on the children's playground, but that's about it.

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