A New Way To Workout

by Kyle


What am I doing wrong?
Hi my name is kyle, I'm 17, male, I'm 6'3, 195lbs, good shape, been working out really serious for about 2 years, goal is to gain muscle mass.

My question is, when I first started working out hard at 3000 cals a day, I was slowly gaining muscle mass and was looking more defined, but now that I have reached 195 lbs, I'm now working even harder, I feel I'm getting stronger but I haven't gained any weight or definition in about a month and I eat like an absolute horse. What could I be doing wrong to force me not to gain any weight?

Please need help it's causing me to lose desire.

You just need a new workout plan. So here's a new way to workout...

There comes a time where every weight lifter reaches a point where it feels as though they can't put on any more muscle... It's normal. Your body is basically resisting, and it could be because you haven't increased the intensity of your workout.

Try this

At the beginning of your workout, lift heavier weight, during the middle of your workout lighten the weight a littler more. By the time you get to the end of your workout, do super sets.

So basically you are hitting new muscle fibers at the beginning, the middle, and the end of your workout. This will challenge the muscles.

So let's say you workout for 60 minutes:

For 20 minutes of your workout stay in the 8 rep zone.

For the next 20 minutes after that stay in the 10 to 15 rep zone.

Then, at the end for the next 20 minutes, go all out and do super sets of 10 reps for 1 exercise, and then jump into another exercise for an additional 10 reps.

You will target more muscles fibers for more growth, and see some new definition with this new way to workout. A New Way To Workout Back To: Home Page

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