Adding Inches to Your Arms

by Justin

Question: I'm 19 years old, 5'10 and weigh about 150. I'm in good physical condition, the only fat I have on me is what's essential to a healthy body, and I don't smoke, drink etc.

I've been on a plateau with my arms for a few months now. I've taken 2 week breaks occasionally so I know overtraining isn't my problem.

My normal routine usually consists of bicep curls, close grip bench press, concentration curls, tricep extensions, and other variations of pulldowns/curls that I use interchangeably.

Recently, I've been trying out 5x5's with 45-60 second breaks between sets. I am taking Musclepharm's Armor V, multivitamins as well as their bcaa complex, and I take 2 scoops of Promasil immediately after working out, as well as one scoop in the morning and one scoop at night. My diet is good. What do I need to do to make gains?

Answer: You mentioned your arm routine, but what does your full workout routine look like?

How many sets and reps do you perform?

If you are working out arms over and over again each day, results will come slow. Work your arms once maybe twice (tops) in a weeks time.

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