Am I Over Training?

by Damien Barry
(Clare, Ireland)

Question: Am I Over training?

I am 29 years old, i am 6f 1.5inchs tall, and i weigh 216 pounds. I have been lifting weights for 4 years. I focus mainly on my upper body. This is my workout:

Monday: (Chest) Bench press: 4 sets. Rep range (5 to 8)
inc Dumbbell flys: 4 sets Rep range (6 to 12)
inc Dumbbell press:4 sets Rep range (6 to 12)

Tuesday (REST)

Wednesday:(Bicep) Dumbbell curl: 4 sets Rep range (6 to 12)
Barbell curl 4 sets. Rep range (5 to 8)
Hammer curl: 4 sets. Rep range (5 to 8)
Standing Dumbbell curl: 4 sets rep
range 5 to 8

Thursday(Tricep) Overhead Dumbbell 4 sets Rep range(6
to 12)
Closegrip bench press: 4 sets Rep range (5 to 8
overhead barbell: 4sets Rep range (5 to 8)
One arm tricep extensions 4 sets Rep range (5 to 8)

Fri/Sat and sun = Rest.

Do you think I am over training?? I feel good but I have been told that i train my arms too much.

No it doesn't look like you're over training.

However there doesn't appear to be any exercises in your routine that focuses on abs, lats, shoulders, or legs...

Try this:

Chest / Abs
day off
Back / Squats and Calves
day off
Biceps and Triceps
day off
Shoulders - Deadlifts

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