Analyze My Workout Routine


Question: Can you analyze my workout routine?

I currently work each body part once per week
Mon - chest and triceps
Tues - cardio
Wed - back and biceps
Thurs - cardio / Shoulders
Friday - legs
Saturday - cardio

Is this a good workout and if so how hard should I be pushing these muscles if I am only doing them once per week? I usually train them really hard so that by the time I do them again I have had 6 days of rest and can go again or is there a more effective way?

I generally do 3 exercises per body part and 4 reps of 15. or ladder down fro 15, 12, 10, 8.

Answer: Your workout looks very good. 3 exercises is pretty good, but you could even add a couple more and be okay.

Dropping your weight from 15 down to 8 reps is a good strategy too! You could even occasionally reverse this so that you start out heavy, and end doing lighter weight...

Try keeping your breaks in between sets short, like around 1 to 2 minutes, and shoot for 40 to 60 min weight lifting workouts. That should be plenty.

It looks like you'll burn a lot of calories with this.
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