Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bodybuilding Workout Routine

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Routine - Level 1

With this routine, Arnold used a split routine method where he worked out 6 days in row, then took Sunday off.

Level 1 Exercise Program - Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout

Mon - Day 1 - Chest and Back

Bench Press
Incline Press

Bent-Over Rows

Power training

Crunches 5 set, 25 reps for every single set.

For each rep, use slow, non forced repetitions, that lack momentum.

(The links above, will show you the exercises)

Tue - Day 2 - Shoulders and Arms

Barbell Clean and Press
Dumbbell Lateral Raise

Power Training
Heavy Upright Rows
Push Press

Upper Arms - Biceps and Triceps
Standing Barbell Curls
Seated Dumbbell Curls
Close-Grip Press
Standing Triceps Extensions with Barbell

Wrist curls
Reverse Wrist Curls

Reverse Crunch

Important things to remember:

Abs done on every workout day. Try about 3 to 4 sets for each body part. Fail at around 10 reps for your first set on each exercise.

Wed - Day 3 - Legs and Lower Back

Leg Curls

Standing Calve Raises

Lower Back
Straight Leg Dead-Lift
Good Mornings


Repeat workout days 1 2 & 3 all over again. Take Sunday off.

So your workout week would look like this...

Workout 1 - Chest and Back

Workout 2 - Shoulder and Arms

Workout 3 - Legs and Lower Back

Workout 1 - Chest and Back

Workout 2 - Shoulder and Arms

Workout 3 - Legs and Lower Back

An Alternative Workout

For most people, the routine above would be too much work and not enough rest days for the muscles to recover.

So instead of doing 6 days on with only 1 day off, try using this strategy as an alternative:

Day 1- Chest/back
Day 2- off
Day 3- Shoulder/arms
Day 4- off
Day 5- Legs/Lower back
Day 6- off
Repeat day 1

This would help your muscles rest better, especially if you're a beginner.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Routine was found from:

Reference- The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding
By: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Dobbins.

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