The Best Back Exercises

Back exercises and back workouts. The best exercises for the lats.

exercise for the back muscle

Wide grip pullup

To widen the upper back.

You can do Pullups behind the neck or to the front. It is said that pullups are the most effective back exercise known. It works the entire upper portion of the back, the arms, and the shoulders.

Close grip chins ( close grip pullups, AKA, reverse grip)

To widen the lower back and develop the serratus.

You can do these with an overhand grip or an under hand grip. Doing this version of the pullup will work the biceps to a much greater degree.

Lat pull down

To widen the upper back.

You can do a close or medium grip pulldown.

The lat pull-down is a favorite of many popular bodybuilders.

Bentover barbell rows

To thicken and widen the upper back. Also strengthens the lower back.

Bentover dumbbell rows

Works each side of the upper back individually. It is best to do bentover rows with your elbows tucked close to your sides.

T-bar rows

To thicken the middle and outer back.

Seated cable rows

Adds thickness to the lower lats. This is a great lat exercise and needs minimum movement in the lower back. No swinging is needed when doing this exercise.

weight lifting barbell exercise

Pullovers with barbell

For the lower lats and serratus muscles.

total body mass weight lifting exercise


Lower back, upper back, traps, buttocks, and the legs. The deadlift is said to be in the top 5 mass building exercises.

Good mornings

Will work the lower back with full isolation.


Works the lower back.

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