Bad Habits In Body Building

by youssef

Question: What are the bad habits in body building that cause non-satisfying results, and slow muscle development?

I have certain questions:

1. Is eating late tonight harmful?

2. Is working out at the end of the day, or at low energy harmful?

3. What about cutting sleep is it harmful? (e.g in my case sleeping 3 hours then waking up 2 hours then sleeping again another 5 hours.

4. I heard that body types could change at some ages, so can some bad habits and routines be reason of ending up at a bad body somatotypes like (515) for example?

5. Which meal should have the major quantity and benefit (lunch, breakfast, or dinner), or does it depend on time of workout?


1. Eat 3 hours before bed.

2. No, not necessarily harmful, just not as productive... Especially if it's late in the day, and if it's a couple hours before bed. It's preferred to workout earlier in the day, this way you have plenty of time to give your body the nutrition it needs for recovery.

3. If you accumulate 6 to 8 hours a night, you'll be fine.

4. Yes.

5. Breakfast should have the most quantity, as well as the meal after your workouts.

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