Beef Up Without The Beef!

Beef up without eating meat! It's true. Bodybuilders can build muscle without ever eating beef, chicken, fish... It's cheaper and healthier to become a vegetarian.

A fictional meat eater, but relates to many.

Once upon a time there was a guy who ate such a ridiculous amount of animal protein... He bought chicken in the family size packs... And to think that was only a 1 day food supply of protein alone.

His goal was to get bigger and stronger, by consuming large quantities of animal (carcass) products.

It's safe to say, that he probably spent close to 2, 5, maybe 7 hundred dollars a week on meat (beef/poultry) alone.

What was his logic behind this?

He believed that the consumption of large quantities of protein would make him bigger/stronger... After all, he wanted to look like a bodybuilder...

He was from the time period (The 60's) where "More is better." More food. More heavy weights. More training!

Now, since protein is the main building block to building muscles, 500 grams of protein MUST be better than 200 grams, right? Wait-wait-wait...

And, if 500 grams is so good, let's crank that up to around 700... "Yep, we're getting bigger."

And since more is so much better, obviously eating animal muscle must be the best form... After all, he is trying to build exactly what he is consuming - muscle.

Now from an observers perspective, this guy looks decently big.

His chest is popped out, his back looks wide, his arm and shoulders are bigger than average... The large amounts of animal flesh must be doing something right! Right?

What the observers may not know about this guy:

He has several health issues, and even potential health risks he may encounter in the "not so distant future."

Hypertension - with all the salts and tenderizers used in cooking meat, this guy can flip out due to his short fuse. He's a pleasant fellow to take on a camping trip. Pack your bags kids...

He's growing increasingly... His muscles are getting swollen... But you know what else is getting bigger? His gut, his love handles, and is now beginning to see male boobs, due to the fact that they pump animals full of estrogen's before they are killed. Very True!

Too much estrogen not only gives you man boobs and makes you fat, but it may also increase the risk of breast cancer (in men too), and testicular cancer.

Potential Cancer - The potential of getting gut cancer increases due to the fact that the animal flesh sits in the colon too long, and cannot digest fast enough... Parasites, and bacterias can easily form because the body cannot excrete animal protein fast enough, and most often just sits in the intestines.

More over, improper digestion alone is the precursor to a multitude of major diseases and illnesses... Too many to list!

The heating of the meat, causes protein mutations to occur that have knownn cancer forming carcinogens.

Let us not forget the improper storage and handling of the meat before it reaches a store near you. There are many... TOO many health hazards in this alone.

High cholesterol - Too much consumption of an un healthy fat source

can lead to a build up of bad cholesterol in the arteries. This leads to a heart attack.

Increased risk of world wide drug resistant bacterias, due to excessive amounts of antibiotics and other drugs used on these animals just so they can grow big for slaughter in such an unnatural closed confined space.

And more...

Not only is he not doing anything good for his body, but he also contributes to a multi billion dollar a year meat market that literally tortures animals every day of their existence, just to keep the dollar menu thriving at the convenient drive thru.

Do you want to build muscle fast? Something to think about the next time you step foot in the grocery store, or decide to get a quick bite to eat. You can build muscle without animal protein.

Beef Up, Without The Beef

Non animal protein sources:

Wheat, rice, legumes, beans. Pretty simple actually.

All you need is a complete amino acid profile. There are many sources of food out there that WILL deliver just that.

Tell you what, if the health issues aren't enough to put the steak down, maybe the treatment of the animal before it was delivered to your plate will help you reconsider. Do as you wish.

It's not just the excess that causes all of the issues mentioned above. It's eating meat in any quantity.

Look at carnivores on this planet. Their teeth and their intestines are built to chew meat and digest it. With big pointy teeth to grind the meat, and short intestines to discrete it faster.

Look at our teeth. Look at our intestines. Nothing like that of a tiger.

We have flat plant grinding teeth. We don't have sabers coming down to pull meat apart.

We have longer intestines to hold food longer, and our bodies depend on fibers, something meat does not contain.

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