Beginner Workout Routine

Weight lifting for beginners. Free weight lifting programs to help gain muscle mass.

Day 1: Chest- Abs- Legs

Chest Flat Bench 4 sets 10-8-6-4

Abs Crunches 4 sets 50-40-30-20

Chest Incline Bench 4 sets 10-8-6-4

Legs Squats 4 sets 10-10-8-8

Calves Calve Raise 4 sets- As many as you can do.


Day 2: Off


Day 3: Shoulder- Back

Back One arm Dumbbell rows 10-8-6-4

Shoulder Barbell shoulder press 10-8-6-4

Shoulder Military press 10-8-6-4

Back Close grip pull-up 4 sets- As many as you can do.


Day 4: Off


Day 5: Bicep- Tricep- Cardio

Bicep Alternating Dumbbell Curl 10-8-6-4

Tricep Dumbbell Overhead Extensions 10-8-6-4

Bicep Concentration curl 10-8-6-4

Tricep Bench dips 10-8-6-4

Cardio Jog for 30 minutes


Day 6: Off


Day 7: Cardio

Cardio Jog for 30 minutes


Day 8: Off


Repeat Day 1


This beginner routine will definitely feel a little different from the 1st beginner routine found on the main workout routine page, which will be great for your progress. Change is good when it comes to building workout programs.

Take extra days off if you have to. There's NO set rule that says you HAVE TO follow this exactly.

Keep your workouts intense and enjoyable! Good Luck!

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