Bench Press Workout
Workout Routine For Chest

For this bench press workout, we put our chest muscles under full exhaustion. We target as many muscle fibers as we can using only bench press exercises.

We start off with 1 warm up set of 10 to 15 reps on the first set of each exercise. Now don't worry about stacking weight on the bar for your warm ups, that's not necessary. We just want one good warm up set to loosen the joints and get the muscles ready... so pick a weight that's easy to lift for your warm up sets...

So it would look like this:

1 warm up set of 15

Rest 30 to 60 seconds...

Now you have 3 more sets to go...

For set 1, add enough weight so that you cannot do anything more than 6 reps.

For set 2 increase your reps to 8 to 10

For set 3 increase your reps to around 12

So let's take a look at this once again.

1 warm up set of 15

Then 3 more sets of 6, 8-10, 12

How you increase your reps is totally up to you.

Options for the bench press workout:

You could start out heavy, and remove weight from the bench press for every set to increase repetitions.You could use the same amount weight for each set and have a spotter assist you in pushing the weight.

Bench press exercise 1:

Flat bench press - 1 warm up, then 6,8-10,12

Rest approximately 1 to 2 minutes between every bench press set.

Bench press exercise 2:

Incline bench press - 1 warm up, then 6,8-10,12

Bench press exercise 3:

Decline bench press - 1 warm up, then 6,8-10,12

So far, with the three bench press exercises above, we've worked the upper chest, the middle chest, and the lower chest muscles.

Now for this last bench press exercise, we're going to do something completely different. Here we go!

We're going to go right back to the flat bench press, but we are going start out as heavy as we can, and remove 5 to 10 pounds on every lift until there is no more weight on the bar.

The starting hand position when doing set number one will be beyond shoulder width apart.For every time you take a plate off the bench press press, your grip will narrow inward until your thumbs are touching.

Okay, so here's an example just in case this is all confusing:

Set 1, your hands are really far apart when holding onto the bar... For set number 1, you are lifting as much weight as you can. You lift the weight approximately 6 times. You then immediately get up and remove about 5 pounds of weight from both sides of the bar.

You then immediately lay right back down and lift the weight a few more times, but with a grip slightly closer together... You can continue on like this until you have no weight left on the bar.

You decrease weight for every set, and you position your hands closer and closer together. This will help target more muscle fibers in your bench press workout.

So to wrap this up, if you need a good chest building workout, use this one! This will certainly help enhance your chest muscle development.

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