Best Leg Exercises For Mass

The best leg exercises for mass may not be nearly as complicated as you may have thought.

For those of you going to the gym, there are 5 king exercises to be considered for great mass builders for the legs, and the entire body.

Here are a few...

Squats - This is great mass builder for the legs, and the entire body.

Dead lifts - Dead lifts utilize the legs, and other muscle groups, but there is no doubt that dead lifts are a great leg and full body muscle builder.

Jump squats - Jump squats are a great replacement exercise for regular squats. At first glace, this exercise may appear easy, but after several consecutive repetitions, this quickly becomes a great leg and cardiovascular workout.

Hack squats - Hack squats are also a great mass builder, especially for those of you who have lower back issues, and find regular squats and dead lifts hard on the lower back. Hack squats remove tension from the lower back and fully isolate the leg muscles to the maximum.

One leg calf raises - If you want to develop a great set of calves, look no further than the 1 leg calf raise machine. If a one leg calf raise machine is not accessible, you can use your own body weight and slow the movement down to achieve great muscular contractions.

To see a few of these exercises in more details, go here.

The best leg exercises for mass are mentioned above... but the secret to mass, is to get the most out of each repetition. Each repetition must be done as if it were the only repetition being performed.

What I mean is, make it so that every rep that you perform, is done in a way, as if it were the only repetition being performed and you had to make it hard so that you got something out of it. Make it count. 

Some people zoom right past their sets, and don't take the time to "feel" the movements...

Slow it down a notch. If you do, this on its own will help build mass, due to the fact that more muscles will be used in its effort to control and stabilize...

Another great tip for mass building, is to NOT do what these guys on infomercials are telling you to do...

You do not have to do countless sets and reps to get results.

This is not rocket science. Keep it in the 8-12 rep range. When you can go beyond that, it's time to add more weight, or resistance to your workouts.

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