Make Sure You Are Getting The Best Protein Powder

There are so many types of protein powders out there, it can be overwhelming. How do you pick the best protein powder? Here's some information that may help.

There are three main types of protein powder:

  • Whey
  • Egg
  • Plant based

Most everyone has heard of whey protein

This is derived from cow's milk... so if you have a milk allergy, this may not be the best protein powder for you.

The great aspects of whey are that it is always a complete protein, it's usually easy to mix, many people think it has a good taste, and you can find whey protein virtually anywhere.

However it is common for inferior companies to add artificial sweeteners and colors to whey; also a lot of the milk that whey is derived from has been treated with growth hormones. in addition to that, milk and its by-products can cause an excessive amount of mucus in the body.

Egg protein is also a complete protein.

It digests a little slower than whey protein, and some people feel that this alone makes it the best protein powder to choose. Egg protein usually mixes easily, and comes in a variety of flavors. Also its slower digestion time allows for enhanced absorption.

Plant based protein is a very broad term that encompasses anything from soy to hemp to a blend of many plants.

Plant based proteins are not always a complete protein, so you'll have to look a little closer when reading the label. There is a vast difference in how they mix and taste. Some are great... Some, not so great.

Plant based proteins are the perfect solution for vegetarians or those who wish to consume less animal products.

It's very important with any type of protein to scrutinize the label.

It doesn't matter which protein type you pick, if you want to get the best protein powder, you'll need to really look for the addition of any artificial colors, sweeteners, fillers or unfamiliar ingredients.

Whenever possible, buy organic, especially for whey. Also, look at the sugar content... you want to have something under 3 grams of sugar per serving, in fact zero grams is ideal.

Here are some of the best protein powders on the market today.

  • Jay Robb Whey and Jay Robb Egg proteins are excellent choices, they have clean labels and taste great.
  • Garden of Life "Raw Protein", and Vega Sports Protein are two awesome choices for plant based proteins, and they are both complete proteins.
  • Some other all stars are, MRM Egg Protein, Source Naturals Whey, and Nutribiotic Rice Protein.

So to sum this up, pick which type of protein best suits you, and then read, question and re-read the label to make sure you are getting the very best protein powder. Don't hesitate to try those brands we've just mentioned, they're safe!

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