Big Arms and Ripped Abs

by Maximus


How to get bigger arms and ripped abs at the same time?

I've been working out hard for almost 2 yrs now, but I cant seem to get my arms any bigger, and at the same time I don't eat a lot of carbs to try and make my abs visible.

What can I do to have bigger arms and ripped abs at the same time? I eat about five times a day, mainly proteins, and have between 4-5 protein shakes a day. I also take amino fuel and glutamine. What am I doing wrong?

That really depends on many factors... but here's the basics...

Play around with different rep ranges for arm training. 8 to 12 reps is a good starting point.

Don't work out the same muscles over and over. More is not better. Muscles have to heal in order to grow. Work the arms once a week, but go 'ALL OUT'. Train a different body part every workout. While one is being worked, the others will be repairing.

You would be surprised, but adding cardio to your workouts can really give better blood flow to the muscles and can really help with size and help with losing stomach fat.

Start eating carbs! That is energy that the muscles love.

Losing body fat to see your abs is really a gradual process that happens when building muscle.

If you train to gain muscle, you will lose body fat, because for the body to maintain that muscle, it has to use a certain amount of calories to do so. So in other words, muscles are
like calorie sponges. That's why bodybuilders are able to eat so much more and stay lean in comparison to the average person.

Yes, you need food to build muscle, but you can't have too much, and it's equally as bad not getting enough. So try consuming about 15 calories per pound of body weight. That is a starting point - A base line. Adjust the amount accordingly.

There's a really good book I recommend..

No Mistakes - A Nutritional Guide to Building Your Best Body Ever! By Vince Andrich with Robert Thoburn

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by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your response it was really helpful :)

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