How Can I Make My Biceps Bigger?
6 Steps To Bigger Biceps.

You Still Haven't Gained Those Huge Biceps?

Build Bigger Biceps Starting Today With These 6 Steps.

Step 1 Choose an effective bicep exercise that gets the blood flowing. Exercises for bigger biceps: Concentration curls, standing barbell curls, and preacher curls are some of the best choices. Here are some more Bicep Exercises to choose from.

Bicep Curls

Step 2 Biceps are a much smaller muscle group in comparison to muscle groups like the chest or the shoulders, so with bicep exercises, you can actually use lighter weight, and move the arms slower to really strain those arms.

Step 3 Try moving the bar slower. Take about 2 seconds moving the bar downward, and about 1 second bringing it back up.

Step 4 Once you've brought the bar up, flex your arm like you would if you were trying to flex without the weight. When doing this, you're sending a signal from your brain to the bicep muscle. Eventually the body will understand what you expect of it... That will help those biceps grow.

Step 5 When you've reached a point where it feels as though you cannot do anymore reps, don't put the weight down... hold onto it for about 5 or 10 seconds, and try to push out a few more repetitions. Repeat this over and over. Some bodybuilders like doing this on their last set of each exercise.

Step 6 Ever notice how your biceps feel exhausted too quickly if you do bicep exercises back to back? Here's a solution... something that will help you lift more throughout your workout:

After you've done... say... 3 or 4 sets of dumbbell curls, instead of choosing another bicep exercise, why not choose to work an entirely different muscle group?

You can alternate... For example: Today you're doing biceps and triceps... Instead of doing all of your bicep exercises in the beginning of your workout, and doing all of your tricep exercises at the end of your workout, do something like this...

Biceps, triceps, biceps, triceps.... So when one muscle is resting and recuperating, you can start working another muscle... then come back to it when it's fully energized and ready to go! This will allow you to lift more weight! (Shhh... that's a little bodybuilding secret most people don't talk about much, but we wanted to help you out!) Give it a shot!

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