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We compare body weight exercises and weight lifting exercises. Which one is better? Which one should you choose and why?

Bodyweight exercises that you can do at home. Workout without weight equipment.

Let's say you don't have any weight equipment.

Let's say you don't have a gym membership.

And let's say, you want to get into the best shape possible, yet, there's no equipment available, and you have no idea which exercises you could do at home...

Can you still build muscle, and get into great shape?

Are barbells and dumbbells the only option for building muscle?

We explain this, and more...

Weight Lifters!

If you are wanting a 260+ pound solid mound of mass for a body... You know... The bodybuilder physique... The Jay Cutler's... The Ronnie Coleman Physiques... etc... Well, then barbells and dumbbells are a great option for building this kind of mass...

We recommend building a home gym consisting of an adjustable dumbbell set, and an adjustable weight bench... you'll be set to reach your goal from home. We have tips on building a home gym, right here: Building A Home Gym

Now Back To Body Weight Exercises

For all you out there wanting the body like Bruce Lee... You know what we're talking about... The lean chiseled muscles, the 3D looking abdominal's... without the added bulk of a bodybuilder... Well then keep reading, because bodyweight exercises ARE a great option, and there are SO MANY EXERCISES to choose from. Workout at home, with no equipment, ever!

"I thought you were a bodybuilding site! Don't we need weights?"

Need weights to workout? No. First you need to look at your goal:

You can still build muscle without weight equipment.

You can still lose belly fat without weight equipment.

You can still look super shredded without weight equipment...

What is weight equipment useful for then?

It's extremely useful for bodybuilders wanting to bulk up. To get big. For maximum strength. For maximum muscle. If that's your goal, free weights are great. In fact, free-weights can also be used for weight loss and strength gains... The problem is, not everyone has equipment, not everyone can afford it. Solution? Do bodyweight exercises, and still get great fitness results.

Weight Lifting and Body Weight Exercises, Comparison

Benefits of Free Weights

  • Build more muscle mass like a bodybuilder
  • Can also burn fat
  • Gain lots of strength

    Benefits of Body Weight Exercises

  • Burn fat
  • Can still build muscle
  • Super Convenient
  • Cheaper

    The point of this page?

    So for those of you who do not have equipment, but want to get into shape, you have learned that bodyweight exercises can help you.

    What if you wanted a bodybuilder physique but you didn't want the additional pounds? Meaning, looking shredded, and muscular, without the scale increasing much...

    What if you wanted more of model look? Or, a front cover Men's Health Magazine appearance?

    Well, bodyweight exercises will work wonders for these kinds of fitness goals.

    And not only that, you can literally start seeing noticeable results from the soon provided selection of bodyweight exercises, within a month, tops!

    Without the weight equipment, without the gym membership, without the fitness gadgets, you're left with one last option: Body Weight Exercises.

    Here's the problem... Which exercises do you choose?

    What we have here are bodyweight exercises that are guaranteed to help burn fat, and help you build muscle, without weight equipment.

    A unique blend of bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere.

    A large selection of bodyweight exercises you never knew of.

    Obtain lean muscle, and ripped abs, with bodyweight exercises.

    Exercises You Can Do Anywhere. Gain Access to these exercises here:

    The revolution of body weight exercises, has your complete download waiting:

    Body Weight Exercise Revolution.

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