Body Weight Workouts - No Equipment Exercise Routine

Body weight workouts. No equipment workout routine. Home workout for people that do not have a gym membership or workout gear.

You can get a good workout, with this no equipment, bodyweight only workout routine.

How to do this body weight workout?

Go from one exercise to the next. You're allowed up to 30 seconds to rest in between body weight exercises, but that's it! Keep the heart rate up!

You will complete an entire cycle 4 times. You will go to failure on each set.

So for cycle 1, do each exercise back to back. That's 4 exercises done back to back with a 30 second rest in between.

Go through cycle 1, a total of 4 times. Do the same thing for cycle 2.

Cycle 1 Body weight workouts:

Medium grip pushup -

You'll feel this in your chest, your back muscles, and your triceps. Place your hands about shoulder width apart. You can do these push ups on the tips of your toes, or on your knees. Don't underestimate the effectiveness of pushups.

Body weight squats -

Works the entire leg muscles. To effectively do bodyweight squats, you have a few options:

You can go all the way down, and all the way back up while flexing your leg muscles at the top of the movement. Or, you can go all the way down, but come only half way up to make it harder and more challenging.

Close grip pushup - Targets the chest, and isolates the triceps to a greater degree. Place your hands just a few inches apart, near the center of the pectoral muscles.

Jump in place - Creates a cardiovascular exercise that also works the calves and shins. It feels easy at first, but after a few hundred repetitions, you'll feel it!

Now, repeat the above exercises again until you've done 4 sets.

Cycle 2 abdominal bodyweight workout:

Crunches - Great abdominal workout.

Side bends - Works the oblique.

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