bodybuilder in the making

by Jeff
(Tulsa, Ok US)


I'm 18 and I have worked out off and on for 2 years, mostly for sports.

I am 6 feet and weigh 211 with about 26% body fat. I have lots of muscle and a big boned body and very athletic in sports but all my muscle is covered in a layer of fat.

I have only stuck to the workouts we did in football practice, just mostly the main core workouts bench squat ect. Which take 1 hour a day 4 days a week but I understand that's not enough.

Monday- legs and shoulders 3x10 on all
Squat, leg extension, leg press, military press, and shrugs
Tuesday- chest and arms 3x10 on all
Bench, butterflies, curls, tricep extensions, dumbell bench
Wednesday- abs 3x10 on all
Crunches, situps, upright rows
Thursday- repeat Monday
Friday- repeat Tuesday
Weekends off

I would like to build muscle and burn fat but now I'd like to get rid of the fat before building muscle so I can start becoming my dream of a bodybuilder

I take no supplements or anything like that

I work everyday running equipment and don't have lots of breaks. Morning usually a sausage biscuit, lunch a turkey sandwich, supper is never determined usually red meat or fish.

I would like help with a routine to burn my body fat and information on how to do it.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Answer: Bike ride or jog more frequently. Do this daily.

It's just a matter of moving more often. If you do that, you'll see the results. It's pretty simple actually.

For diet, eat whole unprocessed foods. Stay away from foods that contain sugar in the ingredients, and large amounts of sodium.

For weight training, you can get great results from moving the weight slower, which makes the repetitions more strict. 1 to 2 sets per exercise is all that's needed when using strict controlled form.

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