Bodybuilding Advice
What Not To Do!

Bodybuilding Advice. What not to do!

1. Never eat fast food!

2. Never drink soda.

3. Never train with weights EVERYDAY if you're trying to get big or gain weight.

4. Never go without eating fresh fruits and vegetables. It takes good nutrition to help heal the muscles.

5. Never ever go without eating in an attempt to shed fat.

6. Each of your meals should contain the following:
Fruits/Vegetables, Lean Protein, Whole grains, Essential fatty acids.

7. Don't ever replace fresh pure water with anything. You must drink fresh water daily. Try drinking 1 gallon a day.

8. Never go without sleep. You need lots of it. 7-8 hours a night!

9. Alcohol should always be set to a minimum. No partying every night!

10. Never Overwhelm yourself with too much info at once. Take your time, and absorb it slowly so that you truly "get it".

11. Don't read this list and say you cannot do it. If you want to build your physique, it takes a lot of self discipline; you CAN do it.

12. Never diet! Or at least don't call it one. Just eat healthy, and turn your eating habits into a new lifestyle, not a short term goal known as a diet.

13. You are what you think. Think big, and get the proper returns.

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