Bodybuilding and Kickboxing

Bodybuilding and Kickboxing Question: Hello my name is Mark, I'm from Russia, my age is 15, and I have been doing kickboxing for the past 1 year (2 hours a day 3 times a week).

My cardio is great, my abs and leg strength is pretty good, I'm 185 cm and I weight 75 kg with 12% body fat.

I started noticing that my abs and legs are strong but my hands aren't that strong (compared to others) so lately I decided to add 3 days of weight training to my routine.

I train kick boxing on Sun, Tues, Thurs and I planed on weight training Mon, Wed, Saturday.

My question is: 1> is this schedule good?

2> Should I weight train different muscle groups on different days like Mon: chest, biceps. Wed: triceps, back... Or just train all muscle groups in 1 day 3 times a week?

Answer: You can do a 3 day split or a full body workout. Feel it out and see which one you enjoy the most.

For a couple weeks do full body workouts, then change it up and start doing a couple muscle groups in each workout.

Offer the body different forms of intensity to build strength, but also prevent boredom.

Adding 3 days of weight training along side your kickboxing is a good strategy! Just be sure you fully recover your muscles.

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