Bodybuilding At 17

by Zain stark

Bodybuilding At 17. Questions on what to do to build muscle in your teens...

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About me: My age is 17 years, I've been working out for about 4 months. My body type is the ectomorph body type... I am skinny, and a little bit muscular.

I am doing exercises for my upper body-parts. I am working out daily, for 2 hours a day. I achieve very slow results. My biceps and shoulders are increasing the most.

I don't take any supplements and I don't plan to anytime in the future.

Could you give me sufficient advice or a workout routine that would help me to increase muscle faster?

I am working out at my home gym, which is a normal gym having a bench, 2kg to 4kg dumbbells, and 10lbs to 100lbs plates.

Answer: Just a regular case of over-training.

2 hours a day? Not good. This is why you aren't gaining.

You have weights, which is good, but there are other things you could be doing that do not require weight, for example:

Parallel bar dips are a great upper body workout.

Palms up pull-downs, or if you don't have access to the pull-down machine, regular palms up pull-ups will work fine.

Both of those exercises are great upper body workouts.

You mentioned that you are working out your upper body, does that mean you are ONLY working out your upper body? Again, you have another problem...

Do deadlifts and squats. Forget what the critics have to say. These are effective mass builders when executed with good form.

Our best tip for you. Pay close attention.

Use light to moderate weight, but execute your weight-lifting using slower controlled form. That's what it takes.

Contract the muscles using slow movements.

2-4 seconds up, pause briefly, then proceed to lower the weight 2-4 seconds back down. No jerking the weight. No momentum.

Over 90% of weight lifters do this wrong. This is why only very few people actually get results.

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