Bodybuilding for Beginners Guide

This Bodybuilding for beginners guide will give you all of the important information in one convenient location, to make your bodybuilding and muscle building transformation THAT much easier.

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Frequency Of Weight Lifting
Discussing how often to lift weights for beginner bodybuilders up to advance.

Weight lifting basics
These are easy to remember basic weight lifting tips to get those muscles growing. Don't miss this page!

Three body types
Not everyone has the same body type, so it's important you know which body type you are before working out. This page will show you how to approach your training according to which body type you are!

Eating for your body type
Here are some basic guidelines to follow when meal planning.

Muscle building tips

10 tips that will separate you from other weight lifters! Read up and apply these muscle building tips!

Fast muscle building
To build muscle as fast as humanly possible, read this page on tips to make that happen! This is for those of you who really want to put on some mass as fast as possible!

Muscle Contraction Tips on perfecting your form for the best muscle building results.

Bodybuilding repetitions What is a repetition? How do I do reps properly? Find out here.

Workout sets You hear a lot about reps and sets, but if you aren't familiar with the word it can become quite confusing. Find out what we mean when we use such words...

Muscle Confusion Refers to changing your workout routines often to help throw the muscles off into new building stages. Check this page out for some very helpful tips.

Muscle training guide Every person who works out has slightly different goals, whether it be Training for muscle and burning fat, Training to gain weight, Training for a bodybuilding competition etc... This page will give you some insight on how to approach the most popular training styles.

What are Complete Proteins? An insight on protein, and how much to consume.

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