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So many people say things like "You have to add weight to every set" Then you hear something like "You should stick with the same amount of weight per set" Gets confusing eh?

Then there's "You must do high reps!" "You must do low reps!" Then of course there's the confusing terminology and over exaggerated ways of describing a very simple process:

Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, Muscle hypertrophy, Muscle hyperplasia, Anaerobic training, Protein synthesis, Myofibrillar hypertrophy... This list goes on and on and on..

With so many ideas out there, you can see why so many people are confused. Is your head spinning yet?

Do you really think bodybuilders are laying there with serious pounds over their head calculating and over thinking which fibers they're training...? Do you think they're saying to themselves "Oh no I just did 15 reps when I really only meant to do 10, I'm going to lose my muscle" No, they're not.

Don't confuse a really simple process. Lift the weight, break the muscle down, repair it...

People find a trick or a technique that works well for them personally, then talk about it as if it were the holy grail to muscle building.


Every bodybuilder who has discovered a great workout technique eventually has to change it, whether it's high reps, lower reps, it doesn't matter, eventually you will have to change it.

The body will adapt to anything you throw at it.

What does this mean? It means try out many different approaches to working out. If you stick to just one way, you limit yourself... Keep things changing.

Make it so that every time you create a new workout routine, that it becomes more challenging, or challenges your body in an entirely new way! That's what helps you build muscle. It's not about low reps, heavy weight, or the opposite, it's about changing things up, and continuously challenging yourself into further growth.

Every body builder has to experiment.

Don't be afraid of trying something new, or trying something that everybody else tells you not to do. You may just find out that you've discovered something perfect for YOUR body. So who cares if others don't agree. If you're getting results, stick with it.

If there was only one way to approach building muscle, wouldn't more bodybuilders that have great results have identical or pretty close to identical workout routines and techniques to building muscle? They don't..

Ever notice how so many bodybuilding websites suggest completely different training styles? Ever notice how people that have great bodies do completely different things to get it that way? What does that tell you? Is one person right and the other wrong? If they both have great results, who's method of training and eating is the right way?

Workout hard, break down that muscle, eat really healthy, rest.. recover... do it all over again.

The body starts to build stronger thicker muscles, you begin seeing results, but then suddenly it feels as though your results are beginning to slow down... should we panic? Nope...

Change your workout, but this time, let's make it harder. You begin seeing results yet again... as if your body was taking on a whole new appearance. Progress will go up and down for years. Everything is changing, even your results, so change your mind to match it.

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