Bodybuilding Myths
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Bodybuilding myths... Does weight lifting stunt your growth? Myths about whey.. Female bodybuilder myths... Do you really have to bulk and cut?

Myth - You might shrink if you lift weights. Weight lifting stunts your growth...

Not true at all. Here's the proof... The most famous bodybuilders are actually average height or taller. Football players are notorious for strength training, and most of them are well over 6 feet tall...The list goes on and on. So no, weight lifting will not stunt your growth or make you shrink.

Typically you will see shorter guys that have muscle, but that isn't a result of weight lifting.

Myth - Whey protein is a supplement that will force your muscles to grow - As if it were more than just amino acids.

Let's get this straight. Whey is a dairy. It is a milk product. If whey slaps pounds of muscle on your body like a magical beast that people make it out as... then cheese and 2% milk will do the same. All it is, is a protein that will assist in building muscle because of the amino acids that are in it. You can also eat chicken, eggs, steak, etc and basically get amino acids that way too. It's just a protein. Not a miracle supplement.

The only reason you would buy it, is for its convenience. It's better than putting chicken in the blender.

Myth - If you are a women, and you lift weights, you are suddenly going to get bulky like a man.

No. You don't produce the amount of testosterone that a male does. If you lift weights, you will definitely get in shape, but your body lacks the amount of testosterone that it would take to build masculine looking muscles. As a women, you would have to go through hormone replacement to look anything like a male bodybuilder. So don't worry about getting bulky.

Myth - You have to go through bulking and cutting phases in order to build muscle fast.

You don't have to bulk and cut. You can easily build muscle and stay lean all year round, without having to put your body through such extreme transitions.

Bulking and cutting really is not necessary. People complicate their eating, and calorie intake way too much!

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