Bodybuilding Myths.
Avoid These Common Mistakes!

Bodybuilding myths, avoid them! How to build up muscle and how to gain muscle mass by seeing through a few of the common myths. This page is very useful for bodybuilding beginners. We're going to direct this page solely on the biggest bodybuilding myths...

There are so many myths out there, it's hard to keep up with them all, and if you listen to them, they can really slow down your bodybuilding muscle gains.

Myth: You have to go to a fitness club or have some form of a gym membership in order to build your body like the guys you see in the magazines... NOT TRUE!!

Truth: You can build muscle just fine at home using standard weight equipment. You can find weight equipment at a local garage sale, or even get crafty and use household items.

As long as you're contracting your muscles, and are able to make your workouts intense enough, and enjoyable, you'll never need a gym membership.

Yes, it is true, you can still build muscle, and not have much money to spend.

It's convenient to go to the gym, or have expensive equipment, but if you don't have much money to spare for these things, don't worry about it. You can still build a good physique by getting a little creative.

These next two, are Huge Bodybuilding Myths.

Myth: Buy now, and gain 40 LBS of muscle in one month!

Truth: How about not buying it! Don't waste your money on anything that makes questionable claims like this. The only way you could even come close to gaining 40lbs in a month, is if it were 40lbs of fat. And even 40lbs of fat would be hard to do.

The human body is only capable of building 1 pound of muscle per week. Anyone who claims that you can build more than that, is just lying to you.

Myth: Lose 10 pounds now!! Buy our magical product!

Truth: Nothing in a pill bottle is magical. It may help or assist with weight loss, but it will NEVER do the work for you.

YOU have to do most of the work through working out and eating right.

Myth: Lift heavy weight is the only way to build muscle!

Truth: Lifting too much weight is the main cause of injury, because you sacrifice good form, and your weight training turns into "who can lift the most."

Controlled, good form, with a weight that you can comfortably lift, for no more than 10 reps for your first set, is a perfect weight to be using.

If you want to force your muscles to grow, simply challenge them by constantly changing your workouts every few weeks. Keep each movement focused and intense, using good form.

Each movement should be focused on the intended muscle group.

If you're doing a bench press, and you're feeling it way too much in your shoulders, then guess what? You are not going to get an effective chest workout.

Using a lighter weight that you can control, ensures that your intended muscle group will be used to push the weight up.

Myth: Weight lifting will stunt your growth.

Truth: Do people really think this? Let's clear this up. Some of the biggest bodybuilding names, are 6 feet tall and even taller.

Touching or holding a dumbbell will not make you shrink, or prevent you from growing tall. You're safe.

You could probably get away with calling this page "fact or fiction."
But we'll just stick with it as it is...

Train smart, and you will gain the results that you're looking for.

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