Build Muscle On A Budget

For those who have little money to spend, but still want to build muscle.

Sometimes we don't have the money to spend on all the supplements, the food, the gym memberships, or the weight lifting equipment to build muscle the way we'd like to.

On this page we are going to discuss some of the things that you can do to save money, and still build muscle on a tight budget.

Cheap Food for building muscle

Food isn't always cheap, and if you are a bodybuilder, you are already aware of how expensive it can be to meet your daily food requirements.

Buy your food in bulk! Go to a health food store, or a bulk food store.

Buy oats. These are low glycemic, high in fiber, and just over-all good for you. You can buy oats by the bulk and save lots of money.

Wild rice, or long grain brown rice.

Dried beans - There are many different options here.

Canned fish. Tuna fish is cheap and has a good amount of protein.

Eggs!!! This is the best form of protein for your body, and is the cheapest.

Ever wonder where whey protein comes from? It's a dairy. So when you cannot afford a whey supplement, then just simply drink milk.

You can combine rice with beans to form a complete protein and get a good amount of carbohydrates.

Grow your own food! It doesn't get much cheaper than that.

Workout/ No equipment exercises.

Don't have gym membership? Don't have any weight equipment? No problem.

Here's what you have to do...

You will have to be creative. If you want the body, you'll do what ever it takes. Here are a few options for someone who doesn't have any workout equipment.

Inner chest - Close handed pushups
Outer Chest - Wide handed pushups
Elevate your feet to hit your chest from a different angle.

Pushups - close handed

Position your hands far apart and close together for variety.

Underhand pullup

Bodyweight squat
Jump squat

Calves raises on steps


Run in place
Jump ropes
Jumping jacks
Punching with or with out a punching bag
Jump squats

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