Bodybuilding Over 40 Help!

by Roger
(Birmingham, United Kingdom)

Bodybuilding at 45... Pre-workout supplements, and post workout supplements for muscle building results for weight lifters in their 40's.

Questions: Hi I just started bodybuilding again after a 20 year gap, I'm now 45 and need to know what supplements would help me to build muscle as recovery is slow and size is also slow... or is it just not possible to build muscle at my age?

Answer: Of course it's possible to build muscle in your 40's, you just need a little direction is all...

We're gonna give you some supplement advice, and also share with you your best option for getting results quicker...

Supplements for muscle building results.

For a good pre-workout supplement, there's a really good effective product, called Jack3d.

Read our review on Jack3d, then at the bottom of that page, you can go purchase it with ease.
Jack3d Bodybuilding Supplement Review

Kre-Alkalyn creatine is also a good option for muscle building. Go here to read the Kre-Alkalyn Creatine Review, then at the bottom of that page, there's a convenient option to purchase Kre-Alkalyn immediately.

For protein, 100% Whey Protein Gold, 5 Lbs. This is a good protein option. Go to this page: Best Muscle Building Supplements click on 100% Whey Protein Gold, 5 Lbs, and you can purchase it right away.

Why did we choose these supplements for you?

Because these are your best options.

Plus, our wholesale provider, A1Supplements, has the best deals online.

When you purchase A1Supplements, you're always getting the best deals, period. No other supplement company comes close to these deals. Go check out those supplements, then come back...

Now, for your absolute best option. Pick up a copy of Muscle Gaining Secrets.

Here's what you get from Muscle Gaining Secrets:

You get a training manual

Exercise Library

Workout Log Sheets


Nutrition Guide and Meal Plans

Growth Tracker Software

Supplement Reports

Audio Help

People love this e-book... Many have even gained 10 to 20 pounds of solid muscle just by using this program. It's not unrealistic to build that kind of muscle...

It's a good investment, especially if you really are serious about getting results...

Some people may say, "How am I supposed to afford all of this?"

Well, here's one way to look at it...

Think about what the average person spends on things like: fast food, soda pop, candy, chips, etc...

Now think about how much they spend on this kind of food on a daily basis...

So let's say the average person spends between 10$ to 20$ a day on food items that really are not helping them build muscle and get lean...

To be honest, most people spend a lot more than this a day... 10 to 20 is quite modest...

Now let's say instead of buying these food items daily: chips, soda, candy, drive thru, etc... and let's say you took that money that you WOULD HAVE spent on all those unnecessary foods items, and instead put that money into a jar... Watch how much money would pile up into that jar, over the next week!

Let's say that the average person, per day, spends about 15 dollars on food items that are not helping them get into shape...

15$ x 7, equals out to be Over 1 Hundred Dollars in 1 Single Week!

So what is this suggesting?

In one week, the average person could afford an effective plan, and the best supplements.

In one week, you'd be healthier, have more money, and have a new a bodybuilding program, just by cutting out the junk food.

Pick up your copy of Muscle Gaining Secrets. It's a good investment.

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