7 New Ways To Build A Bigger Chest

1. Build A Bigger Chest With Pressing Exercises

Work new areas of the chest every week or every other week. Example: Week 1, do inclines first, 2nd week do declines first. Each week target a different area of the chest at the beginning of the workout.

How often do you do flys as your first chest exercise? Most people start with bench presses. Every once in a while, do flys at the beginning of your workout. The point is, mix it up.

2. Pulling and Pressing Exercises Together

One little trick that Arnold used to do was add pulling exercises with pressing exercises. For example, Do back workouts with chest workouts all on the same day. While your chest is recovering from the last exercise, do some back exercises. Go back and forth from chest to back.

Dorian Yates Huge Bodybuilder!

3. How Far Should I bring The Bar down?

Should you bring the weight all the way down to your body when you do bench presses? There's mixed opinions on this. The more range of motion, the better. Bring the weight all the way down.

4. Bar positioning

Should the bar be at the bottom of the chest, or closer to the neck when you bring the bar down? Again, there's mixed opinions on this.

The best way to do flat bench presses is to have the bar touch down somewhere in between the neck and the lower region of the chest.

- Flat bench press: Touch the middle region of the chest.
- Incline bench press: Touch the upper region of the chest.
- Decline bench press: Touch the middle or lower region of the chest.

5. Locking Out

Should I lock out? Meaning, when bringing the weight back up, should you extend the arm all the way and lock the elbow?

You shouldn't unless you want to involve your triceps more. Extending the arm just involves the triceps to a greater degree. It's best not to lock out, this helps build a bigger chest.

6. Hand Position

Very important. When you do you pressing exercises like barbell bench presses, the further your hands are apart, the more you target the outer chest. The closer your hands are, the more you target the inner chest and will involve the triceps to a greater degree.

7. Decline Presses and Flys

Do more decline bench presses and decline flys. Dorian Yates (One of the best bodybuilders of all time) was big on this and you should be too!