Can You Really Build Muscle Fast, Naturally?

Do you see sites all over the place saying "Build Muscle Fast"? Or "How To Gain Weight Fast"?

What if the title said "Build Muscle Slowly"? Would you have clicked on the link? Probably not. It's a marketing game. No one can build muscle fast naturally... Actually, how fast? 20 pounds of muscle in a week? That's just comedy and a good old fashion dry since of humor.

How about gaining weight? Well that's a whole different story.

You can easily gain weight fast. It's simple. Eat a lot, and don't move much. You don't need to buy a book for that one.

So when people say things like build muscle fast, are they referring to gaining weight fast? Well you now know how to do that.

There's a huge difference. Some guys just want to look bigger. That's easy to do. You can easily look big with your shirt on, but when that shirt comes off, would people still think you're big and built? Or would they think you worked at a hot dog stand?

Build your physique to perfection. Focus on the results you get when you see yourself without a shirt. Determining your muscle building results based on how tight your shirt gets does not give you an accurate measurement.

It's fun to build mass. Eat a lot, and lift weights. Most people want chiseled abs, and muscles that just pop right out! Can you still build that kind of body, with the approach of eating tons of food and moving very little? No.

Mass building is simple, but Bodybuilding to perfection takes work, and time.

Calories, weight training, cardio, nutrition, all have to be monitored constantly. Come on let's face it... How many people do you see walking down the street with your ideal body? Not very many people eh? What does that say? It says if it were easy, more people would look the way you wanted to! They don't! Go beyond just average.

So, with that being said, muscle cannot be built fast. If you're not mentally prepared to spend lots of time on this, you won't see results. You have to be 100% devoted from all aspects. Luckily this site will have you covered on everything you'll need to know.

It doesn't have to take 20 years to build muscle. You should have no problem seeing results every week, whether it be slight increases in muscle mass, or the loss of body fat to see the muscle definition. Have a goal, and stay consistent.

You don't have to wait a whole lifetime to see results, but you're not gonna get them over night either.

So many people want to LOOK bigger. They are willing to sacrifice their health to do so.

Building muscle should always be healthy. Slow steady progress is much more productive and free!

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