Build muscle Naturally and with Calisthenics

by Jaga


I am 22yrs old and i have been working out since i was 15yrs old.

I am a mesomorph(I am very lean but i wish to add on more muscle mass naturally without supplements or weight training as i do not have access to both due to financial. I am 5'5 tall and weigh 55kg,bodyfat is 8%. My goal is to get to 60-65kg by adding lean mass.

I workout 6/7 times pwe week. All my workout is based on callisthenics. for cardio i do high intensity 3 times per week and low intensity 3 times per week. I also workout 3 times a day totalling to about 2.5hrs.

For example this is my basic routine for week 1
M/W/F - 6am Hitt runs(15mins max)followed by bodyweight circuit(push ups,pull ups,sit ups,squats and calf raises)5 sets of 50reps. This is for endurance

2pm - bodyweight exercises for 20mins circuit. 5 exercises each will be 5x5. For this the exercises will be Handstand push ups, 1 arm push ups, hanging leg raise, slow pull ups, and other variations.

5pm - barbel workout with 2 muscle group only , 1 exercise for each muscle group and its 10x10. I use the German Volume training.

I want to build up functional strength add another 5kg of muscle

I do not take any supplements as i do not have the $$.

I am a vegetarian however i do consume eggs and milk. I eat only 1 meal per day (warrior Diet). During my undereating phase i consume eggs/fruits and vegetables, and for overeating phase i eat about 1500cal of food at one meal. It consists of raw vegetable salad, large portion of cooked vege, brown rice, eggs, and fruits.

I would like to know how i can add mass and if i am on the right track. I know many ppl say that my nutrition is messed up , but i believe the 1 meal has made me more of an elite athlete as i have more energy and i have gained alot of strength and little lean mass. It also has made me very ripped.

I am a kickboxer been in that sport for 5 years.

I have 1 meal so does that make it different cause all the nutrition tips talks abt having 6 meals and the workouts in the site recommend to lift heavy whereas i am focusing only on bodyweight exercises.

Answer: Luckily you really don't need supplements or weights to build muscle. However, you'd be better off spreading 1 huge meal into several small meals throughout the day.

Also, it would be wise to do your bodyweight exercises on 1 day, and then do your cardio on the next day.

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