Building muscle for older men

by David Granado
(FT. Bliss, TX - Fort Bliss, Texas)

Question: Building muscle for older men.

I was once told that after age 40 a man cannot get any bigger muscle wise. I am a 53 year old male and pretty athletic for my age. I run, do ab exercises, lift light weights and do a variety of other exercises to maintain muscle endurance, cardio endurance and keep my body sculpted.

I usually stay cut, but would like to get a little bigger if possible. As a side note; I was going to order this product "Force Factor", but shied away when they said I was over weight. O.K, but according to the Army's weight standards, I am about 12 lbs under my limit (O.K, whatever). Anyways, back to my original question. Can I still gain muscle at my age? Thanks.

Answer Yes definitely. You can still build muscle in your 50's and beyond. You'd be surprised how many people above the age of 50 are still going at it, and still look phenomenal!

As for these body weight calculators to determine if you're overweight or not, most of them are flawed. These tools never take into consideration that some of your weight could be muscle weight. For example standard BMI (Body Mass Index) tools would make it appear as though the common lean muscular bodybuilder were obese... These tools are flawed and BMI calculators are not meant for people who have a lot of muscle on their body, because they would just get an inaccurate reading. I digress...

I wonder who came up with the fictitious statement that one is limited because of age alone. Quite the contrary.

It isn't as though you wake up one day and your muscles say " Well buddy, you're 40, your days in the gym are over starting today, happy birthday."

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