Building the lower chest muscles

by raed


Hello, I have been practicing for 8 months. I have really big biceps, triceps, and shoulders, but I don't have the lower curve for my chest. The line is missing. It's very weird since I lift 30kg dumbbells in each hand in the decline press. So is there any way I can gain that lower chest line?

Sometimes we have to lose MORE body-fat to see the striations, (muscle definition or lines) but in your case, you say you have a hard time gaining weight, so maybe we have to take a look at how you are doing your chest exercises, and what exercises you are doing to help build the lower chest.

Some people have that lower line because of low body fat. Having low body fat helps those lines become more visible. Others are able to achieve this line by having a lot of mass, which forces the muscle to sort of fold over, giving it a nice round shape. Blame it on gravity! Each person is different.

A few muscle tips...

Make sure to add a lot of variety to your chest routines. Do inclines, declines, flats, pressing exercises, flys, barbells, dumbbells, cables... all that good stuff! The more variety, the more detail you'll add for better chest development. Variety is important for all body parts.

Typically the areas that are lagging behind, or that you are not completely satisfied with, should be worked on at the beginning of your workout, when you are at your strongest. At the beginning of your chest workout, do declines, cable cross overs, dips, flys, etc...

Doing Dips are arguably one of THE BEST lower chest builders. Give it a try!

Optional techniques for chest muscle building

Ever try slightly arching your back when doing flat bench presses? Some people find this very useful for lower chest development.

Sometimes changing your hand position, for example... palms in, can help add a little something new, and possibly offer the muscle a new kind of stress.

As you can see, there's really no single answer here... Try any and all of these suggestions.

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