Building The Upper Body

How to build upper body strength, with the least amount of effort. We'll discuss the best exercises, and offer extra tips for building muscle and getting lean.

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Question: I'm a 15 year old male and am fairly strong for my age (benching 230), but cant seem to get any real definition or increase in muscle mass.

I am wondering how to build upper body muscle mass (mainly increase my bench and abs).

And also what kind of supplements work very well to increase strength without me having to put on a lot of weight.

How2MuscleGuide.Com - Answer: 1 rule to follow when looking to build mass, is to not over-train: Don't workout several days in a row. Take days off in between workout days. This will help you grow more!

Increasing your bench can be difficult if you are not letting the muscles rest. So, with that being said, only work chest once a week.

Each time you work the chest, add 5 lbs to random chest exercises... It will all add up, over time.

About Abs:
For the skinny frame, abs can be obtained by making the abs bigger. Do crunches, with added resistance. If you are skinny, and cannot see your abs, that is suggesting that the
ab muscles are not big enough to be visible.

For the bigger frame, and for the person holding onto more weight, the first thing to do is lose body fat... Do cardio. When holding onto more body fat, the first thing to do would be to lose that extra weight, and then focus on the details of building abs.

Building The Upper Body - 5 Exercises To Help You Build Muscle Mass

For the upper body:

1. Palms up, approximately 8 inch apart, pull-ups/or pull-downs.

2. Parallel bar dips

For the entire body:

3. Dead-lifts

4. Squats


Decline sit-ups

Moving onto supplementation

You said you're 15 years old... with your age, you really do not need any supplements.

Focus on getting the right foods in your body:

Lean protein

Complex Carbs

Essential Fats

Whey protein isolate could be a good addition, which would help you get extra protein in your diet...

A multi-vitamin could also be a very good supplement to add to your diet...

But as for supplements to help you build mass, at your age, it's not even worth it. Focus on good nutrition and smart training.

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