Burn Fat Feed Muscle
Building Lean Muscle Mass

Burn fat feed muscle. Learn what it takes to build a muscle building meal that also accelerates fat loss. Meals for muscle building made easy.

Turbo Charge your fat burning process while building muscle every time you eat!

We all want the low body fat, muscular appearance, right?

When you think of gaining weight, or building mass, chances are you're not asking to look like a Sumo Wrestler... There's a good possibility that when you think of gaining weight and building a muscular body, you want to build lean muscle mass.

Lean muscle mass refers to those muscular arms, the chiseled chest, and nice set of six pack abs...

Every time you eat, or workout, you can take advantage of your own fat burning, muscle building process, at its highest level.

Here's what you have to do. Burn Fat Feed Muscle Basics:

The golden rule in every meal that you consume, is to make sure that most of the food on the plate is protein... lean protein. The second thing you want on that plate, is carbohydrates. You want about as much carbs on your plate as protein, or just slightly under. Whole unprocessed carbohydrates. The third thing you want in your meals, at a very small percentage, is essential fatty acids, also known as "The Good Fats."

This eating strategy will fuel that fat burning process, and allow you to continuously build lean muscle mass.

Now let's say you decide to do the complete opposite, and decide to eat high carbs, high fats, low proteins... If you do that, you will store body fat, rather than build lean muscle mass.

The most fatty food combination, is high fat and high carb meals.

When eating a meal, that has high carbs AND high fats together, this will be considered a bad choice for lean muscle building, but perfect for someone wanting to gain fat on their body.

If you decide to have a fatty meal, or a meal with high fatty content, then simply lower the grams of carbohydrates on your plate, and this will even it out... If you decide to have a meal with high carbohydrates, then simply lower your fat content.

And in both situations, keep the protein levels high to burn fat and feed muscle.

To build muscle mass, and keep body fat levels to a minimum, the secret is high protein, low fat meals.

After a week of eating this way, you'll be very surprised what this alone can do. Try it!

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