Calf Muscle Building
Building Your Calves

A simple, yet effect strategy for calf muscle building.

Having underdeveloped calves seem to be a common thing.

We use our legs a lot! Your calve muscles are responsible for a lot of your activities on foot...

To beat the lack of calf development, you will have to force the calves to endure more weight, and/or intensity, than what they typically handle within your normal daily functions.

Your calves are subjected to the weight of your body, daily. And because of the weight that your calves are subjected to on a daily basis, you will have to introduce to your calves, an increase of weight or intensity that they are not used to...

Offer the calves more than the body weight that it carries, and you will have a better chance of building your calves faster.

If you do not have access to weight equipment, you can always do standing calf raises.

Stand on the edge of a stair step, and raise your body from the tips of your toes. To add intensity to this movement, do one foot at a time.

Do this movement really slow. This will help build your calves faster.

Position your feet close together and further apart for variety.

Also try...

Donkey Calf Raises

Barbell Seated Calf Raises

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