Can a 62 Year Old Man Build Muscle

by Donald

Question: Can a 62 Year Old Man Build Muscle?

I was just wondering if being 62 years old and in good shape, if I can build more muscle.

I've been doing small weights for the past 20 years. I`m very tight and just want to know if I can build bigger arms and muscles that show I work out.

I have some muscle but it is not big enough but are very firm... my chest also looks good but my stomach is soft.

I'm retired now and have more time. I heard some where that you can`t build muscle after a certain age.

Answer: Yes. If you're putting your muscles under the conditions of exercise with weights, their natural response is to adjust, adapt, and build the necessary muscles to endure and manage the workload, in which you are capable of performing.

To what degree you build muscle, would depend on many different variables.

A 62 year old man can build muscle, but not equivalent to that of a high testosterone adolescent male, who's capability to synthesize and secrete growth hormones is of a higher degree..

The two can build muscle, but at a different rate, given the recovery speed, and of course the testosterone production.

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